C. Family Adoption Session, Central IL

A couple weekends ago, I photographed this beautiful family to celebrate their recent adoption from Uganda.

These boys were adorable, and it was clear that this family is so in love! I was so happy to bless this family with these gorgeous images!

My studio is located in Watseka, IL but I am willing to travel up to an hour for Red Thread sessions.

Enjoy some favorites from this session!


Laura Gioja is an experienced family and baby photographer in Watseka, IL, shooting in her studio and on location.  See more of her work on her website or her Facebook page.



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A Talented Girl | Maryland Adoption Photographer

Because of our family‘s story, I get really excited when someone calls about a Red Thread Session for an older child. I spent a sunny, Saturday hanging out with Miss L and her mom while they let me document the things they love best. It turns out that Miss L is quite the talented young lady. She’s been teaching herself to play the piano for one.

wm piano collage

She’s also a pro at banana muffin baking. Somehow she managed to divide the batter evenly between all the muffin tins on her first try without having any left over. Now, that’s talent!

wm baking collage

While the muffins baked, Miss L showed me her sketch book. She’s been quite the busy artist.

wm art collage

After all that work, our tummies were hungry, so we headed outside for a picnic. She spotted a cherry at the bottom of her smoothie that she just had to have.

wm smoothie collage

Thanks for letting me in on your lives, ladies!

wm lina collage wm_20150502edit_rts_rice_227bw

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From India with Love!

Although this family of four has been together only a few months, their journey to find each other began long, long ago.  Below is Mom’s account of the incredible adventure that brought them together.  It’s one of those stories that truly exemplifies the invisible red thread proverb written above.

laurakellermanphotography542015eWe always knew we would adopt, even before we were married. We met with a local agency in June 2009. We had heard about Honduras adoptions on the radio, but we found out they were closing and we were perfect for their India program. We researched India adoptions and our hearts were moved.

laurakellermanphotography542015fWe learned so many of their girls are trafficked and abused; it is a rare blessing when a child even makes it to an orphanage. We fell in love with the idea of our Indian daughter. We met Indian children who had recently come home. I cried when I saw anything relating to India. And then four months later, the agency told us they weren’t able to get their licensing renewed.

laurakellermanphotography542015bWe were heartbroken. Other agencies weren’t taking new applicants for India and then the country’s program shut down. We realize now that it’s because we needed our amazing son first, who came home from Korea in 2011.

laurakellermanphotography542015dWe were nervous about starting an India adoption in 2014, when we were ready for #2. We had heard stories of long, hard processes filled with tears and frustrations. We signed up for China but after having no peace, asked for the files of some children from India. We saw a picture so tiny, the little girl’s features were almost unrecognizable, but it was the exact picture I had in my mind over those long five years of dreaming about India and our daughter. The only information we got was that she was blind, which we honestly weren’t completely comfortable with.

The next day we got a 9 minute video and learned that her birthday was the very same month that India was born in our hearts! We fell in love with this brave 5 year old girl and said YES! We were told by our agency that her orphanage was newer to international adoption, so it could be a long and unpredictable journey of at least 12-18 months. We were declared her parents 6 months later by an Indian judge!

laurakellermanphotography542015cThe process was so fast it surprised our agency, and we brought her home in December! After all the prayers and anguish, we had her home! And to the glory of God, we realized she could see! We have not had to make any accommodations for her at all! We broke the unspoken rules and adopted out of birth order and have “twins” but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We have witnessed many miracles in bringing our precious girl home. God has blessed our family tremendously through the amazing calling of adoption!


I want to thank this family and all my Red Thread Sessions families for allowing me to document their budding relationships through photography. It’s always such an honor!

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