A Day at the Park | Maryland Adoption Session

Babies are so predictable…until they’re not. I always chuckle when families say, “It’s so weird, he’s never like this,” or “I’ve never seen him do that before.” I probably hear such phrases at every. single. session. It’s like kids have a sixth sense :)

Baby K debuted with a wardrobe change due to spit up which is a rare occasion for him.


We hung out at a local park at his favorite tree.

sc_20150723edit_simpson_058 And ended with a second wardrobe change because of…you guessed it…spit up.


Even despite all the unexpected spit ups, Baby K was an excellent model.



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It’s Official! | K. Krasin Photography | Minneapolis MN Family Photographer

“We’ll be the ones with the cutest baby ever and the biggest smiles in the world!!!”

That was definitely an accurate statement and by far the easiest way for me to find Mike, Lisa, and their family.  Adoption is close to Mike & Lisa’s hearts as Lisa was adopted as an infant – and, as we learned, so was their judge! After taking placement of their son, Milo, at just a day old, they were excited to be “official.”

Congratulations Mike, Lisa and Milo! I’m so excited for you to continue building your lives together!


red-thread-session-minneapolis-mn-4So much support!red-thread-session-minneapolis-mn-5red-thread-session-minneapolis-mn-6

The hearing


Judge Norris has pictures with each of the families and weddings he has been involved in!



Kendra Krasin

K. Krasin Photography

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He’s finally ours ! | Louisville Ky | Foster to adopt

Below is the sweet story of a foster to adopt .  There is nothing like opening your home to children and making one your forever child!

2015-06-10_0001 2015-06-10_00022015-06-09_0009

My husband and I started trying right away for a family at the end of 2007. After being unsuccessful we started infertility treatments in 2009. We got pregnant but lost that baby.

We started looking into foster to adopt, but our hearts just weren’t ready yet.

When we moved to Louisville in 2012, we realized that now was the right time to start the long process again.

We were placed with Anthony first. He came home after 6 weeks in the NICU. Shortly after Anthony came home, a little over a month, we were called about Chase. We were told it was only supposed to be for a few months. As the case worked itself out, we started to fall in love!

We started making it more obvious that we wanted him forever. It really wasn’t clear that he would be ours until around February 2015

Now our adoption for Chase is final !

We are so excited that he is now ours forever!

We are rejoicing for our family and still longing for this special day to come again .2015-06-09_0003

2015-06-09_00082015-06-10_00032015-06-09_00072015-06-09_0010 * cropped image to protect foster child’s identity



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