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A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting the A Family at the Atlanta Hartsfeild Jackson Airport.  Mom and Dad were bringing home their daughter from China while big brothers and grandparents excitedly waited for them.  I just love capturing homecoming photos for adoptive families.  Its a time in their life their never forget and I know they will LOVE looking back at this precious moment.  Honored to capture their day.


Kirsten Lee Photography is a Atlanta Area Child and Family Photographer.  Kirsten Lee specializes in maternity, newborns, children, and family portraits.

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The H Family | Lancaster Adoption Photographer

The H Family has been through a roller coaster of a ride the last few years as they dreamed of adopting and then had to walk through a very long adoption process…but in the end this story ends happily ever after for this beautiful family. In the words of Moma H: “After waiting almost two long years and having a roller-coaster of near matches, we were overjoyed when we were chosen by our birth mother to adopt our beautiful baby girl through a local agency. We fell in love with our baby girl from the first moment we held her in our arms.”

I had the privilege to do a Red Thread Session when Miss G was only 8 days old and then we recently celebrated her one year birthday and adoption finalization with a follow up session a few months back. What a joy it has been to journey and document with this family through their adoption process. Adoption is certainly not for the faint of heart. Patience, endurance, fear, worry and “what ifs” are just a few of the things that adoptive families have to walk through. It can be draining (I can personally relate to this as my hubby and I are in the process of an adoption also!) But, one thing I have LOVED about photographing so many Red Thread Sessions the last year is the hope and joy it gives… the hope to persevere and to press on and the joy to unconditionally love.

So, meet Miss G…she is beautiful as can be.

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Family of 4 | Central Illinois Adoption Photographer

It was a pleasure to meet up with this family and shoot their family portraits. They were so incredibly sweet together and their new daughter has a smile that could light up any room. I asked Cynthia to share a little bit of their story and this is what she wrote:

“Cody and I (Cynthia) were married a little over two years when our son, Dawson, was born. When he was 3 we began the process of adopting from Ethiopia. Many people asked us, “Why adopt internationally?” For us, the answer was simple. God so clearly called us to adopt internationally that it tugged on our hearts in such a way we could not ignore. The fears others expressed of becoming an interracial family and bonding with an adopted child were not our fears. The journey to bring Ayana home became a much longer process than we expected. The many complications and delays that come with adoption seemed unbelievable and were certainly emotionally exhausting, but after three years we finally have our daughter home. In hindsight we recognize how each of the painful steps along the way brought us closer to the One who called us to adopt His child in the first place. It also created a longing for Ayana in our hearts that will forever bond us as family. Ours is a story of growing in faith, patience and truly understanding the meaning of unconditional love.”












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