Welcome Home Eliza!

What an amazing story this is.

2015 couldn’t have ended in a better way. The Saturday (6 days) before Christmas I was contacted by a couple who was traveling to Florida to adopt their newborn baby girl.  I was so excited to work with this couple, and even more excited to spend time with their new little one, who was born with Down Syndrome.  They met sweet Eliza on Monday and then came to me on Tuesday.  She was 3 weeks old by this time.  She was wide awake for a while so I got to capture those sweet newborn eyes too!  I later learned that this couple had two boys at home, a 5 year old adopted from Nigeria and a 2 year old born to them biologically.  Eliza is baby #3, and they are also due with baby #4 in April!  They had to leave their boys at home during Christmas to complete the adoption in Florida, but by the grace of God their paperwork was completed with lightning speed!  They were given the green light to go home just 7 days after meeting her.  I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to capture their beautiful story with my lens.

Here’s a message from mom which just confirms that what you do matters: “I can not say enough about our wonderful experience with Dena! She is amazingly talented and patient, and showed us compassion and kindness during a crazy time in our lives. If you live ANYWHERE in Florida, it’s worth the drive to Orlando to have Everyday Moments Photography capture your little one. We will treasure these photos forever and always remember the kindness Dena showed us — she truly went above + beyond in so many ways! 💕”

Kayla, a former journalist, has a cute little website that touches on motherhood, faith, family and adoption – http://manysparrows.me

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I have watched as Khloe has grown since joining the Hofmeyer family last year. Once her adoption was final, I had the privilege of photographing the entire family at their home this past summer! We had so much fun. What a fun, spunky addition she is to this loving family! I cannot wait to see what life has in store.



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Ruby Jane | Kelly St. James Photography | Columbus Adoption Photographer

I walked into Allyson and Scott’s home in mid-December, not knowing what to expect…they live in a dorm after all!  Much, to my surprise their home and every inch of Ruby’s room was absolutely perfect.  Each item in her room had been placed there with love in anticipation of a little ones arrival.

Going through an emergency c-section and the trialing months that followed the delivery of my own son, as difficult as that was, I so much appreciated the process and the journey of him coming into our lives.  For adoptive parents the feeling is probably so much the same.  The journey is what it’s all about.  This couple was something special.  Ruby Jane is one lucky girl to be brought into a home with SO MUCH love.

Towards the end of my time with Allyson, Scott and Ruby, I found myself wanting to hang around.  You want people like them to rub off on you.  Both soft spoken, caring and so open – I enjoyed every minute of my time with them.  What an amazing experience.  Here’s a little glimpse of our morning spent together.

Red Thread Session - Ruby_0007 Red Thread Session - Ruby_0008 Red Thread Session - Ruby_0010 Red Thread Session - Ruby_0013 Red Thread Session - Ruby_0016 Red Thread Session - Ruby_0017 Red Thread Session - Ruby_0024 Red Thread Session - Ruby_0028 Red Thread Session - Ruby_0029 Red Thread Session - Ruby_0030 Red Thread Session - Ruby_0031 Red Thread Session - Ruby_0032 Red Thread Session - Ruby_0034 Red Thread Session - Ruby_0035 Red Thread Session - Ruby_0036

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