Los Angeles Adoption Photography | A Gotcha Day Celebration

That first Gotcha Day is so special. It means you’ve been a family for a year. It marks the day that all of the waiting, anxiety, and stress from the adoption process came to an end and you could just breathe because you can now hold your child in your arms and never let them go. Every year, celebrating a Gotcha Day is special, but there is something about that first one that is extra special. The Yeung family celebrated their first Gotcha Day with a family portrait session and I am so honored they chose me to help tell a part of their story.

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Photos by Sarah Mariel Photography  a Los Angeles family portrait photographer

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My first Red Thread Session! North Carolina Adoption Photos | Hanner Photography Studios

North Carolina Adoption Photos

I am excited to share my first newborn adoption photos through Red Thread Sessions! M. and L. Flanagan adopted their first baby boy just a few weeks ago. They drove all the way to Orlando, FL and got the chance to be there right when Baby Fionn was born. Even though Fionn had a rough week to start, he is healthy and happy in his new parents’ arms.
We had a fun time taking photos at the NC Art Museum. We wandered around and found the best spot to match their easy going and fun personalities. Because Michael and Leigh (and Fionn too!) are avid North Carolina Hurricanes fans, we even got a shot of the entire family in their jerseys rooting for their favorite team. Michael actually runs a blog about the Hurricanes, called Section 328. No fair-weather fans here! I confessed that I was a Red Wings girl and they gave me a free pass :).
After sending in my application and being approved earlier this summer, I am happy to offer my photo sessions free of charge to adopting parents. The Flanagan’s newborn photography session was my first Red Thread Session. I am proud to give back to the community in this way. We are all put here on earth to help others and this is a way that I can use my abilities to serve and celebrate life with others.
Nicole Hanner
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A Life Filled with Grace | Southlake Newborn Photographer

Seventeen months ago I was writing a letter to my best friend’s newborn daughter.  If you read that letter, you know Kate’s daughter Elena and I share something special in common. We were both placed in the arms of our forever adoptive families on the same day (34 years apart, of course).  If you’d like to read what I wrote and see Elena’s newborn photos, you can check that out here.

Southlake Newborn Photographer Lifestyle Adoption0080

This is the story 17 months later and that little baby now has a sister!

To understand just how incredible this story is, you’ll have to know a little bit of the backstory. Five years ago I moved away from Wisconsin, leaving a host of family and friends. One person I was particularly close to was Kate.  She’s the type of friend that always has the right word to say when my heart is confused or crushed or elated.  Even with the distance, we still talk each week and see each other any chance we get. God decided he would connect us in another way- that we would both have babies born in Texas.

Seventeen months ago, Kate and Jon welcomed Elena Faith into their family. While waiting for the state to pass their paperwork on so they could leave Texas with their baby, they stayed with us in our home. We got to be with Kate and Jon as they spent their first week as parents, loving on their sweet daughter. It was amazing to be with my friends who were called so clearly for adoption, wrap their arms around their baby.

This summer, God called them again. Kate and Jon got notice that Elena was going to have a birth-sibling. So in July, Kate, Jon, Elena and Kate’s mom packed up and headed back to Texas. There were a few challenges along the way, including a flat tire on the way to the delivery room (yikes!).  Despite the trials, on August 7th their youngest daughter Grace came into this world safe, loved and cherished. God had planned this all along. A life filled with Faith. A life filled with Grace.

Please check out my most recent adoption sessions by visiting: http://blog.purpletreestudios.com/adoption-sessions/

Southlake Newborn Photographer Lifestyle Adoption0080 Southlake Newborn Photographer Lifestyle Adoption0081 Southlake Newborn Photographer Lifestyle Adoption0085 Southlake Newborn Photographer Lifestyle Adoption0090   Southlake Newborn Photographer Lifestyle Adoption0096 Southlake Newborn Photographer Lifestyle Adoption0097 Southlake Newborn Photographer Lifestyle Adoption0099  Southlake Newborn Photographer Lifestyle Adoption0101 Southlake Newborn Photographer Lifestyle Adoption0104 Southlake Newborn Photographer Lifestyle Adoption0105 Southlake Newborn Photographer Lifestyle Adoption0106 Southlake Newborn Photographer Lifestyle Adoption0109 Southlake Newborn Photographer Lifestyle Adoption0110

Since they were staying at our home to wait out the paperwork again, Elena and my son Asa got lots of time to play, sing, bathe, eat side by side. It was neat seeing them live life and laugh together.   Southlake Newborn Photographer Lifestyle Adoption0115

I am a full-time photographer and mom living in Grapevine, TX, a historical town nestled between Dallas and Fort Worth. My life has been touched over and over by the power of adoption. As a young child, my parents told the story of my own adoption and of how I was chosen. My mission is to help tell these stories, so that years from now, children can look back and know how very special it is to be apart of a family put together through adoption.


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