Wausau Family Adoption

I met Jessica a couple years ago at our local Central WI photography group meet-ups that we go to once a month during the slower months.  She is a great photographer and such a great mom.  It was quite a journey for them to welcome this baby girl into their lives, but they have so much unconditional love for this little girl and their entire family.

Eric & Jenna also followed along with the adoption and documented this amazing video.  Make sure you grab a tissue or two, you will need it!  So touching, and SO beautiful!

Amazing Love from Eric & Jenna on Vimeo.

Video Credit: www.eric-jenna.com

Wausau WI Adoption D Family -1

Wausau WI Adoption D Family -2

Wausau WI Adoption D Family -3

Wausau WI Adoption D Family -5

Wausau WI Adoption D Family -6

Wausau WI Adoption D Family -7

Wausau WI Adoption D Family -10

Wausau WI Adoption D Family -4

Wausau WI Adoption D Family -11

Wausau WI Adoption D Family -12

Wausau WI Adoption D Family -13

Wausau WI Adoption D Family -16

Wausau WI Adoption D Family -17

Wausau WI Adoption D Family -19

Wausau WI Adoption D Family -20

Wausau WI Adoption D Family -21

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Paul + Missy | Outdoor Maternity and Adoption Session

I met Missy through Red Thread Sessions. If you dont know already, I have a soft spot on my heart for children who need to be adopted! It is my life long dream to adopt! I have always wanted to travel to China and adopt from this country and bring home as many children as I could. Now I think I could adopt from anywhere just knowing one life was saved from our unselfishness. There are so many children who are ready and need to be adopted and even here in our own back yard in the USA! Rob and I hope to one day adopt a little one to be able to call our own, but for nowI  love serving families with these huge hearts for these amazing children!

To say how much I appreciate and adore Missy and Paul would be an understatement! Missy and Paul have the biggest hearts of anyone I have EVER met. Through struggle and tribulation they constantly put their trust in our Almighty Father! These two have been through the ringer and still their faith leads them to the cross. Our Lord has delivered them through some very tough heartache and I really don’t know how they have done it! Missy is an inspiration to me and I know to other women. She has the heart of gold and the fight of a tiger. Check out this wonderful lady’s story at her blog, The Oasis, and don’t forget to read the story of their new son, it’s truly miraculous!

-”Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.” (Matthew 18:5)
-”For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.” (Matthew 25:35)
-”Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves…defend the rights of the needy.” (Proverbs 31:8,9)
-”And Jesus took the children in his arms, put his hands on them, and blessed them.” (Mark 10:16)

Here is a look at their maternity /family sessions from last week! I seriously wanted to take all of these kids home, they were all so sweet and such an amazing story to watch!
















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Finally!! |Nashville Adoption Photography|

What a sweet and beautiful family!!  Randi found me through the Red Thread Sessions website, and am I so glad and thankful that she did!  What a sweet family with an amazing story.  It’s so good, I thought the “U” family should tell it in their own words:

“We are parents to THE MOST beautiful baby boy—I know, I know, every Mom says that, but really…this face is just magical. I am Randi, my husband is Jeff. Jeff and I started our journey toward adoption after several years of trying to conceive. We were almost a year into the process and had just experienced a second failed match, feeling tired and defeated when one of the agencies we worked with, Hannah’s Hope, called to ask if we could meet with a birth mother. Jeff was traveling for work, so I drove the 3 hours to meet “S” on a Friday by myself.  The meeting went well, but since we had been through this before, I had no expectations. I was told S was due “in a couple weeks” and that she was going to make a decision over the weekend. On Monday morning, the social worker called me on my way to work, asked me to pull over and said “We have a baby! She wants you to come pick him up.” Apparently S had given birth to a healthy baby boy the night before and had made the decision to place…WITH US! I was floored! I called my husband (the one that was still working in Las Vegas) and somehow, through the tears and squawking, he understood my words and got himself on a plane home less than 4 hours later. The next morning, while we drove the same stretch of road I had driven just a few days earlier, we were both so anxious, excited and nervous that we didn’t speak for most of the trip. Once we arrived at the hospital, car seat in tow, I nearly had a panic attack at the thought of becoming a parent TODAY, or worse, not becoming a parent today. When we finally made it up to her room, the baby was in the nursery. They brought him in…and we were in love. It was an instant beautiful and perfect love. An hour later, we were on the road back home, WITH A BABY!

Oliver’s birth mother is a beautiful, courageous woman with whom we will be connected for the rest of our lives. We are thankful to her every day of our lives, and never more than the day we finalized the adoption, eight months after bringing him home. My parents and brother were able to join us for the finalization and it was a beautiful day.”


Katie Sutherland of katiejames photography is a natural-light, on-location portrait photographer based in Nashville, TN.  She and her husband are in the process of adopting their own child, and they are very excited!  You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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