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Are you looking for a way to give back to your community? Are you willing to donate your time & talent to give the ultimate gift of memories to new adoptive families? Do you want to promote adoption within your community? Has adoption personally touched you?

Red Thread Sessions is currently looking for participating portrait photographers across the U.S. More professional portrait photographers are needed in every state to make Red Thread Sessions as successful as possible.  Specifically, we are looking for photographers that meet the following criteria:

  1. Your must own an active portrait photography business, and your business must reside in the United States at this time.
  2. You must have a professional online presence that is a website with a portfolio that is at least two years old and has been active for those two years. The domain name must be registered for at least two years to be considered active. Social Networks like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, etc. are not websites or portfolios and will not be used as consideration for inclusion in Red Thread Sessions. Likewise, family blogs and website created through free hosting sites will also not be considered as a professional online presence.
  3. You must own your own domain name. Your website must be unbranded – no logos from your hosting company.
  4. Your website must be easy to navigate  and complete. Your website must not be under construction or in transition.
  5. Additionally, our photographers must keep (but will not be required to list in the directory) either a blog or Facebook page with recent work to show that their business is current and active. This may be used to determine your current professional activity and skill level.
  6. Your portfolio, blog and Facebook page (where applicable) must demonstrate that you have proficient technical skills, an ability to use lighting effectively, and a consistent artistic vision. Likewise your online works should demonstrate experience working with families and children in multiple locations and lighting situations.  Your work should display experience in the type of session you are volunteering to provide. Photographers who do not have online work that meet these criteria will not be considered for inclusion as a Red Thread Sessions volunteer photographer.
  7. You must function as a legally registered, tax-paying portrait photography business with a willingness to provide your TID upon request.

**Beginning December 1 of 2017 we are asking all photographers to pay an annual donation of $10 in order to help maintain the website.**

Due to the overwhelming number of applications received and out of fairness and consideration to all applicants, all criteria must be met without exception in order to be accepted as a RTS Volunteer Photographer.

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For more information on volunteer photographer donation and conduct requirements please click here.