Promotion Button

WE LOVE YOUR SUPPORT! Whether you are a photographer or a client, we appreciate links, Facebook “likes” and your word of mouth recommendations.

We’ve created this “button” that you can place onto your website, blog sidebar, into a blog post, etc by using the following HTML code:

<a href="" target="_blank">
<img src="" border="0" />

Adding the button to your Blogger or WordPress sidebar:


  1. Log into Blogger
  2. Go to Layout
  3. Click on “add a page element”
  4. Click on “HTML/JavaScript”
  5. Paste the code found above into the main box (not the title box)
  6. Click on ‘save changes’


  1. Copy badge code from above.
  2. On your Widget dashboard, drag a text widget over to desired side bar.
  3. Hold the control key down while you press v (Ctrl + v).
  4. Click save.

It will look like this: