Celebrating a Forever Family

As a photographer and the mother of an adopted child, I was so thrilled to meet this adoptive family and their beautiful daughter.  This adoption has been a long time coming.  S has been with her family her whole life, but as with many cases, things do not always move as quickly as you would like them to.

S is so full of spirit and warmth, She giggled and played throughout the whole court proceeding.  It was amazing to see her joy and playfulness.  The court was tickled at the carefree spirit she brought that day.

It was pouring down rain on their special day, but no one let the rain dampen their day.  The family showed up with bells on.  Friends and family came, it was a joyous occasion. It was a amazing to be part of their special day celebrating their forever family and a new chapter in their lives.  S picked out the dress herself, and was sparkling with joy the day we met also with her pretty sequin sash to match her personality.  Her parents and her brother were just as overjoyed and doting. We were the only adoption at court that day so it was a breeze.  What a day to remember! So glad that S has now found her forever family!




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