Family Ever After | Westchester, NY Adoption Photography | Debbie Allan Photography

Last month I had the honor of meeting a wonderful Westchester family to photograph the adoption of their 4 month old son, Declan.  Adoption Day was scheduled at Family Court in White Plains for the morning on 9th February.  However the weather forecast predicted a massive snow storm starting on the morning of 9th.  We received notification on 8th that the appointment was rescheduled to the afternoon of 10th February.  What a relief that we knew ahead of time.

Due to restrictions in the taking of photographs we were limited to a few minutes with the judge after the proceeding and following after that I was permitted to photograph the happy family in a corner of the lobby of the courthouse building.

Declan was alert and taking in this momentous occasion.  He made a wonderful impression on the judge and other members of the court room.  They were smitten!

Here is their story in Mark’s words:

We started our adoption journey in Jan. 2016 and were approved in April 2016 and an expectant birth mother reached out to us 2 days later. After months of video chatting and texting, we developed a great relationship and finally met this amazing woman in her home state during Memorial Day weekend. I traveled 2 weeks before Declan was due to spend time with his birth mother. We went to get manicures and pedicures and went out to eat.  Santo met me the morning that Declan’s birth mother went into labor. She was insistent on going out to dinner with us because she knew she would not be receiving good tasting while in the hospital. She was having contractions during dinner and hours after before she decided that we take her to the hospital.  Declan was born at 2:00 am on Sept. 19, 2016. It was such an amazing experience.

Congratulations to you all.