A Family for Twin Girls | Los Angeles Adoption

In November of last year Alexis went out with a group of mom friends. One friend who is also a surrogacy attorney was telling the group about a woman who called her in need of help for her 20 year old daughter who had just found out she was 26 weeks pregnant with twins. She and the birth father, no longer together, were still in college and were not prepared to raise children. Alexis said that maybe these babies were meant to be theirs. She went home and talked to Blake about it and he agreed, these were their babies. The next day the birth mom called her. They met the following Monday and signed a contract that Wednesday. The following week Alexis started attending weekly doctors appointments and talking to their 3 year old about his new babies. The girls were born Jan 12th and she was in the delivery room, cut the cords and was able to breastfeed both girls. I had the honor of photographing their adoption finalization and here are some of my favorites.

Photography by Sarah Mariel Photography

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