A Home for Aurelia | Adoption Photography

Ryan and Jessica saw God’s hand working over 4 years ago as He laid a heavy burden on Jessica’s heart for adoption. The burden is one of conviction, excitement and not wanting to be stagnant. Ryan did not feel the burden at the same time, so Jessica continued to pray for clarity and God’s will on next steps. By the end of 2015, they knew that God was calling their family to international adoption for a waiting child with special needs.

They started their application in January 2016 and by that December, they had seen the face of their little girl, Aurelia. Her special needs were more serious than the ones they had indicated on their application, but they knew she was their daughter.  One way God confirmed this was through a doctor from Florida who had reviewed her medical file. He highly recommended doctors right in their hometown for her care. He didn’t even know they lived only 20 minutes from that hospital!

The matching process happened so much more quickly than anticipated and they were concerned finances would not be in place in time. However, God provided additional finances as they needed them through a fundraiser and a grant!  Their trip to China was a mix of emotions since they were so excited to finally meet Aurelia, but knew she would be giving up everything familiar to come home. Since coming home, Aurelia has continued to be very brave in trying new foods, learning a new language and seeing multiple doctors. She has bonded well within the family, especially with her two brothers, who adore her.

Looking over the past 3 months since Aurelia has been home, Ryan and Jessica once again realized how God’s will is not always easy, but it is always best! They cannot imagine life without her!

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