The Johnston Family | Los Angeles Adoption Photography

Even in the smoothest situation, adoption can be a roller coaster, but the Johnston family’s experience has been a little wilder than most. BabyGirl #1 was planned to be a private adoption last November, but her birthmama changed her mind and she left the hospital with her instead. BabyGirl #2 was born the following May, and they have an open adoption with her incredible birthmama. When BabyGirl#2 was six weeks old, they got the call to come pick up BabyGirl #1, so now they are fostering her, and they have “twiblings” six months apart. We met up this weekend to do a family portrait session. Sarah is a ballet teacher and retired dancer so also took some photos of her and her tiny ballerinas.

Photography by Sarah Mariel Photography. View more of Sarah’s work:




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