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This November, I had the pleasure of being contacted to do a Red Thread Session. Ever since I witnessed a family member adopt two wonderful children, I have been taken with how amazing the adoption process can be. I’m always drawn to this quote, “Family is not defined by our genes, it is build & maintained through love.”

I was honored to capture the love of a new family. We decided to have the session despite the weather turning cloudy and cold. The kids were wonderful and enjoyed a bit of exploring in the wilderness. There were many laughs and giggles and warm snuggles along the way.

Red Thread Sessions, Adoption Photography PA

Rachael shared some of Lina’s adoption story with me.

“Lina entered our home at two weeks of age through the foster system. Once it was determined that she would not be returning to her biological family, we were more than willing to adopt her.”

Red Thread Sessions, Adoption Photography

After what felt like a very long wait, she became a permanent member of our family on November 2nd, at 17 months old. We are so relieved to be given the legal status of what was already in our hearts, and we are overjoyed to be able to say with confidence that she is our daughter.”

Red Thread Sessions, Adoption Photography PA

The beginning bonds of friendship and sisterhood were visible as Lina reached out to hold her sister’s hand several times during the session. There’s no doubt these two will have a lifelong tie. It’s a magical feeling to be able to capture a new family’s first family portrait and I’m honored they contacted me to do it. Parenthood truly does require love, not DNA as the saying goes, and Lina now has a family that deeply loves her.

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