Photographer Donation and Conduct

There are several types of Red Thread Sessions available to volunteer for. Professional portrait photographers may volunteer for one, some, or all types of sessions, depending on their personal skill set, comfort level and time available to donate. The three types of Red Thread Sessions that are offered are:

  1. a family portrait session within the first 3 months of a finalized adoption to capture family portraits of the new family,
  2. a documentary session includes but is not limited to documentary portrait sessions, courtroom sessions, and airport homecoming sessions.
  3. a birth photography session to capture the birth of the adoptive child in an open adoption.

The following is required from participating professional photographers:

  1. Donation of your time and talent by completely waiving client’s session fee, retainer, or deposit. Each photographer is required to provide a viewing gallery of your images within four weeks. Product pricing and ordering policies are determined by each individual photographer. Travel fees and additional subject fees may still apply. It is left to your discretion to offer a discounted print & product price list for participating adoptive families.
  2. You must require and keep on file a model release provided by Red Thread Sessions for each session you offer.
  3. You must indicate to Red Thread Sessions which sessions you are interested in donating so that the information may be denoted on the participating photographers list.
  4. Although it is understood that photographers are graciously volunteering their time, you must agree to maintain a level of professionalism when working with adoptive families, especially because in some situations, there will only be one chance to capture these memories.
  5. It is required that participating photographers respond to all Red Thread Session inquires from adoptive families within 48 hours of contact so that a level of professional quality may be maintained.
  6. If you can no longer participate in Red Thread Sessions, you must alert Red Thread Sessions immediately and remove your listing from our database.
  7. You agree to display a Red Thread Sessions button on your website or blog to show your affiliation with the organization.
  8. Although not required, Red Thread Sessions will take submissions of your best images taken at Red Thread Sessions for publication on the website. Because Red Thread Sessions maintains a blogsite, new material is always needed to keep the blog updated and current. Submissions are welcomed from all types of Red Thread Sessions. Submitted images must be watermarked for your protection. An abbreviated story about the adoptive family will also be required. Names and locations of adoptive families will never be published, but a link to your professional website will be included. A model release will be made available to participating photographers for these submissions. Red Thread Sessions will determine when submissions will be published and reserves the right to not publish submissions.
  9. Beginning December 1 of 2017 we are asking all photographers to pay an annual donation of $10 in order to help maintain the website.