Team Wilson Forever | Los Angeles Adoption Finalization

1,105 days. That’s how long Q. and J. spent in foster care. That’s a large chunk of a seven year olds life. BUT from here on out they will have one family, one set of parents, one team built with love for the rest of their lives. The time that I got to spend with the Wilson family was so beautiful and I could see that Kari and Anthony were made to be the parents of Q. and J. The love they have for their children is so deep and raw that the moment the judge proclaimed the children adopted, there was a complete sense of relief and joy that was felt by the whole room. Kari and Anthony, thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of this amazing day and to capture these memories for you. It was an honor for me to spend time with and photograph Team Wilson!

Photography by Sarah Mariel Photography. View more of Sarah’s work:




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